daun pegagan herbal tea

Pegagan folio has a scientific establish "Centella Asiatica". The leaf appearance tends to be wide, the point of pegagan foliage is estimated originally from Assemblage, exactly in tropical regions in Asia.

With the consideration of hot State, it is not startling that the leaves of pegagan are casual to effort in State.

Already more parties who use the ( daun pegagan ) leaves of pegagan as a spontaneous foodstuff for health and discourse.
Pegagan leaves are ofttimes old to straighten herbal tea, in constituent there are also mengonsumsi folio pegagan with consumed raw (as lalapan).

Pegagan leaves become herbal (intelligent) ingredients lush in antioxidant proportionality. The utilization of this leaf as a traditional punishment has regularise been finished since ancient present.

Where grouping misused to ofttimes use the leaves of pegagan for the treatment of rind diseases, murder circulation, direction of neurological disorders and others.

Straight in the country of Malaya, this leaf has transmute a raw stuff for health and example products, such as withdraw products to keep wrinkles on the wound, creams to fasten facial tegument, and various different creams with its functions.
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